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4L Brand LLC.

4L "Statement" Crew Socks

4L "Statement" Crew Socks

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4L Brand LLC., presents our very own sock line "Stand 4lone". With our introduction to our sock line we bring to you our "4L Statement" crew socks (BLACK & WHITE) which is just the first of many more to come. #the4Lbrand šŸ–¤4ļøāƒ£šŸ¤žšŸ¾

ā€” 82% Cotton/ 15% polyester/ 3% spandex.
ā€” Breathable.
ā€” One Size Fits All.
ā€” Machine wash safe.
ā€” Do not iron. Do not bleach.
ā€” Tumble dry or air dry.

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