Welcoming Those Who Embrace Positivity In The Community! — What’s up “4L” family we want to offer full transparency between ourselves and our supporters by giving you guys some deeper insight on how this all started. “4L Brand LLC” is a black owned brand based out of Northern New Jersey. Our brand was curated in 2021 in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.  During a time of struggle and seclusion, the one thing most people had in common was FAMILY. Being surrounded by family bought a natural sense of positivity through genuine love & that essentially began the thought process of an actual brand name. The acronym “4L” was already something commonly used in several different contexts, so we decided to put a twist on it and give it multiple interpretations. Some people genuinely use “4L” to indicate “For Life” so in order for us to add to that it all had to make sense. “4L” within our brand title represents the following: “For Long , For Life , For Love” this is more than just a brand name, more than a motto, this is an actual way of living. The message is something we can all relate to; it’s something that resonates with genuine positivity and love. 

LONGEVITY in life isn’t always promised, but it is something  we all are hopeful to experience. 

LIFE is an experience that we create day in and day out , it’s one of the few things we have full control over. LIFE is a gift that we are blessed to have. 

LOVE is something that we endure within our surroundings, it’s a feeling of generosity/deep affection. LOVE is something that we can not get enough of , it’s a feeling of great depth and pleasure. 

These are several avenues that we plan to pursue in our message worldwide. We started “4L Brand LLC” to promote genuine love , great vibes daily , health , wealth , family & so much more through our art , as well as our quality garments. We hope to be apart of your journey “4L” !

“HEART is everywhere , HATE is NOT.”

🖤4️⃣🤞🏾  — 4 LONG | 4 LIFE | 4 LOVE